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In my experience, I’ve been shooting IPSC for 32 years and have had extensive experience with all types of projectiles. Without a shadow of doubt, I’ve found your Black Widow Projectiles consistently within .1 of a grain in weight and no variations in diameter.
It’s a good feeling knowing and a confidence booster, that your product is spot on every time. I for one, will not be changing.
I’m enjoying your 135gn x .357 in my Shadow 2.
Bobby S.

I just want to thank you for the top quality projectiles that you make. After trialing a bunch of different suppliers over the years, I have come to the conclusion that Black Widows are a superior product.
I’m halfway through the last batch that I ordered and I’ll be sticking with them. Always consistent pack to pack and perform well.
I feel as though they’ve contributed to helping me achieve my goal to make Master Grade. Keep up the good work.

— Ryan

I have been using Black Widow Projectiles from the very beginning and feel that they are of a very high quality as far as measurements are concerned, weights and consistency of coating.
It is great to see a local business such as Black Widow Projectiles support not only the local shooters, but the interstate ones as well.
Keep up the great work John and I wish you and your business the success that it deserves.

— Paul B.

James and I have been using black widow projectiles now for just over 12 months. I find that they are consistent in weight and they group extremely well, right out to 90 meters.

Also the design and the quality makes loading so much easier especially if you have a Mr Bullet Feeder. The coating is very durable, and as a result it doesn’t lead the barrel. This gives me the confidence when i shoot that each projectile will place where I have aimed, every single time.

Paul and James (IPSC Family Division World Champions, Steel Challenge National Champions)

— Paul P

I can vouch for the accuracy. Load test yesterday . 6 shots at 50 yards. Using your 115 grn SWC, With 3.8 grains of AP70

— Gelnn P

I started using Black Widow Projectiles in 2014 on the recommendation of a friend.
Since then I have shot in excess of 50,000 Black Widows and the quality, consistency and accuracy are second to none.
It’s fantastic to have quality hard cast projectiles produced here in Australia!
John and Joan are extremely easy to deal with and they are always willing to work with the local shooters to expand their range of products to suit our needs.
I wouldn’t use anything else!

— Claire Giles

I’ve used Black Widow projectiles since they were introduced into Victoria several years ago.
I find them easy to load, consistent with weight and shape and deadly accurate.
I recommend them to all serious shooters.
Thanks for producing such a good product and for putting back into our sport with your generous sponsorships.
Keep up the good work.
Kind regards

— Gail

“I thoroughly enjoyed my last batch of projectiles, they were the best I’ve ever used!”

— Will