45-70 350gn Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base .458

$45.00 not inc.

45-70 350gn Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base .458 150 per Box



45-70 350gn Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base .458 150 per Box
$45.00 / Box
$300.00 / 1000

4 thoughts on “45-70 350gn Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base .458”

  1. Hi guys,

    I am in the process of purchasing a 4570 and should have it at home and in the safe in the next month or two.
    I am wondering what your 350 grain round nose flat pointed beveled base projectiles would be like? How do they perform on pigs, goats and deer? I would also be looking into your heavier rounds of 500 grains later for water buffalo and scrub bulls. Could you answer me the following? What is expansion like and at what velocities needed for the 350grain, when will these be available? Do you have a picture I can see? How accurate will these rounds be? Are they suitable for hunting or more of a target round?

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      Thank you for your inquiry about Black Widow Projectiles.
      We have no idea what people use these projectiles on, so really can’t help you with any feedback in that regard.
      These projectiles are available now, we just don’t have photo’s up yet; must get onto that. We’ve had good feedback on the accuracy of all of our projectiles, including the larger grain sized ones. The coating is guaranteed by the manufacturer up 3000 fps.
      Hope this is of some help to you.
      for Black Widow Projectiles

  2. Hi guys, I’ve been using the 405gr projectiles out of my 45-70 chambered Marlin 1895 lever action rifle. With 13gr of Trailboss they are great subsonic, soft-recoil ‘plinkers’ with easy sub-MOA accuracy. With an AR2207 powder load (check loading data for specifics) they would be good game loads at higher velocities.

    1. Hi Bailey,
      Thank you for your feedback. We often get people asking for info about loads, so this may be of some help to someone, sometime.
      for Black Widow Projectiles

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