.38 158gn Semi Wadcutter Bevel Base .357

$81.00 not inc.

.38 158gn Semi Wadcutter Bevel Base .357



.38 158gn Semi Wadcutter Bevel Base .357
$81.00 per 500 box
$162.00 per 1000

2 thoughts on “.38 158gn Semi Wadcutter Bevel Base .357”

  1. Hello, can you please tell me what the BHN is of your 357 158gn semiwadcutters?. And what is your maximum recommended velocity for them? Are the pills hard alloy, or have they been quenched?
    My S&W 686 shoots best when I drive the bullets at higher speeds. It does not shoot mild target loads well, unfortunately. My local Prohunt dealer, @ Lismore, stocks your bullets, l believe. Also, what is the diameter of the heel of the 323 Cadet pills? Are all your pills red, or do you have a black coating? A lot of questions, l know, but thanks, I am nearly out of the Vindicators that I have been using, which are quite good, but l would like to try another brand, just out of interest, and l won’t have to drive to the Gold Coast to get them. Pete, Nimbin.

    1. Hi Pete,
      I’ve only just found your message, as I don’t always go into the back of the website, so in the future, it’d be better to send an email directly through that way.
      The BHN of our bullets is 26. The recommended velocity is 3000 fps. The heeled section of the cadet is .314. All of our pills are red.
      Any other questions feel free to ring us.
      for Black Widow Projectiles

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