.38 125gn Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base .357

$56.00 not inc.

.38 125gn Round Nose Flat Point Beval Base .357

Available on backorder



.38 125gn Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base .357

$56.00 / Box 500

$112.00 / 1000

5 thoughts on “.38 125gn Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base .357”

  1. I am considering these for use in my .357 mag lever action rifle. What would you recommended to be the upper end velocity for this projectile?

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thank you for your inquiry, but we’re unable to give recommendations like that, you’d be best to talk to other people shooting these types of rifles, or ask the question on some of the shooting forums.
      for Black Widow Projectiles

  2. Hi Tim,
    You’ll do well by staying under 2000fps with coated lead projectiles. Ideally you won’t be over about 1800fps. This should still provide a reasonably stout load for your elveraction rifle.

    1. Hi Guys,
      The coating that we use on our projectiles is manufacturer guaranteed at up to 3000 fps. We sell to a lot of people for rifle shooting, who are reporting good results and with no leading of their barrels.

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